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How to Get More Writing Time

13 Jul 2012

I waste a lot of time with trivial things that could be better spent writing—and I hate myself for it. You know that five-minute e-mail check that turns into thirty? Or how about a visit to a favorite news site (I’m looking at you, The Verge) during a break that turns into a three-hour time suck because you can’t resist link bait? Or you just have to know right that very moment who won Chopped, then you find yourself browsing through the recipes because you must indulge your sudden craving for seafood risotto?

Hello, my name is Ann, and I have a procrastination problem.

However, since I decided to juggle two writing projects for the next two months, I can no longer afford to waste my time. So, I devised a plan.

Ann’s Battle Plan Against Procrastination

  1. Check personal e-mail twice daily.
  2. Check book sales stats once weekly. (I currently do it several times a day and I know it’s sad.)
  3. Restrict CNN, G&M, CNET, and The Verge to one 15-minute session daily.
  4. Blog-hopping is limited to one 15-minute session daily.
  5. Stay out of the kerfuffles in Romancelandia because there are no new kerfuffles. SSDI: Same shit, different idiots. Sometimes it’s the same idiots, which sometimes makes me wonder if I’m in a time loop.
  6. Stop Googling myself. (That’s pathetic, I know.)
  7. Kill the Internet connection while writing. I don’t need to verify every iffy detail RIGHT THAT VERY SECOND. Use the comment feature to leave a reminder.
  8. Kill all other social media accounts. (This step’s already done. I killed the Goodreads account a while ago because I don’t think other people care about what I read. And engaging readers on GR is much too dangerous. While most GR users are sane, the crazies are LOUD and persistent.)
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  1. 14 Jul 2012 1:52 PM

    good luck with your plan 😀

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