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300: An Update

9 Aug 2012

Uh, yeah. So, about that writing challenge…

I transferred to a new role August 1 but I’m still doing the old job as well because management really fucked up. (Yes, I think “fucked up” is appropriate for this occasion.) My replacements (yes, plural; I knew I was underpaid) weren’t told of the transitions until a week before the effective date, so I couldn’t do anything to prep without tipping them off before management got around to notifying them. That’s a big no-no. What this means is that on top of doing two jobs, I’m trying to train three people to do my old job. All that means is that I’m working 15-hour days (yes, I was in the office at 7 AM and left at 10 PM…and I can’t even remember if I had lunch) and my brain’s too fried to do anything more challenging than sleep when I get home.

(BTW, Cubeville is really creepy when there’s no one around and the lights are off. And, yes, I had to trade my office for a cubicle. *sigh* That pay raise I was promised had better be good.)

However, I start vacay next Friday, so I may just finish that first draft before I start school in September. Wish me luck!

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