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The 300 Writing Challenge Ends: So Close

3 Sep 2012

On June 1st, I set out with a goal to write 300 words every day for three months. The word count started at 26,800, which meant I needed to reach 54,400 by the end of August to meet my goal.

Well, I hit 53,000 today. So, I’m 1,400 words short and three days out. I could push forward and finish the remaining 1,400 words tonight, but I start a block-week course tomorrow and the book still won’t be finished for another 15,000 words at least.

On the upside, the story is coming together and I think I know how it ends. It’s very much a police procedural (but with sex) and I wonder if I went into too much detail, but that will be worked out in the edits.

So: 26,200 words in 95 days. Not bad, but not a success.

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