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Help! Series Numbering

6 Sep 2012

Is it confusing to number a novelette or novella that’s part of a series as a fraction (e.g. Book 1.5)? Or should I only use whole numbers for all titles in the series?

For instance, for The 19th Precinct series, there are two titles, Deadly Fall and A Naughty Noelle. The former is labelled Book 1 because it’s a full-length novel and the latter is labelled Book 1.5 because it’s a novella. Is that unnecessarily confusing? Should I stick to whole numbers?

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  1. Janice C. permalink
    7 Sep 2012 12:38 PM

    As a reader I am fine either way. If forced to chose I would lean toward the use of fractions simply because it lets me know it is not a full length novel. If finances are tight at the time I will usually purchase the whole number then later fill in any gaps in a series by purchasing the novellas. Of course if it is a favorite author or series I just buy them all and justify it by saying the cat is getting too fat anyway so I put her on a diet and bought books with the saved money.

    • 12 Sep 2012 1:14 AM

      Thanks, Janice. I like fractions too. For me, I try to balance the book budget with the shoe budget. Sadly, shoes are winning out.

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