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Happy International Women’s Day

8 Mar 2013

(For some reason, my Russian female friends take this day seriously. One of them even gave me flowers today. I reciprocated with vodka…French vodka.)

After a fantastic dinner at Vero Bistro, where they don’t commit the heinous food crime of smothering escargot in cheese, a girlfriend and I went to watch the latest installment of Die Hard. The franchise has strayed far from its roots (but who can really top Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber?), but admiring Jai Courtney’s muscles and not-too-pretty face (pretty boys aren’t for us) was a pleasant way to spend 90 minutes. And my friend got to see her home country on the big screen. Her only criticism was that the smiling taxi driver wasn’t authentic because Russians don’t smile.

All in all, while I don’t think we did our part to progress the women’s movement, it was a great girls’ night out.

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