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The Lost Month

7 Sep 2014

I lost the entire month of August.  In Calgary, that’s pretty much half the summer (it really is because the first snowfall starts next week).


Good thing I’m not a big fan of summer sun and hot weather.  Give me a snow-covered mountain and a snowboard any day!

Anyway, that cold I thought I caught in late July?  Turned out to be an infection in my lung.  Fun times.  There were days and nights and days and more days and nights of not doing much more than curling up in a dark, quiet room and wondering if it would be too risky to up the dosage on my various medications.

On the bright side, I managed to lose 15 pounds.  However, I don’t recommend this weight loss method for anyone.  Doing an IRONMAN triathlon would’ve been more enjoyable.

But I’m back.  I’m healthy (at least 90% anyway).  I’m making headway on that work-life balance thing.  And I’m writing.


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  1. 7 Sep 2014 9:33 AM

    Jesus, woman, I have been wondering where you were, but man, never occurred to me it was that serious! I’m glad you are better (almost all the way well, I take it?). Take it easy, though.

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