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The Blog

A collection of my random rants musings and stubborn controversial opinions on politics, personal finance, reading pet peeves, and shiny, shiny toys. Oh, and writing.

Please note while the blog looks light and fluffy, my books are anything but. Dark, steamy and occasionally gory, but often lightened with sarcasm wit. You have been warned.


The Author

Ann Bruce is the pseudonym for a self-professed computer geek who, in between snowboarding, reading comic books, and wearing out the buttons of her PS3 controller, writes because it’s an acceptable means of explaining all the voices in her head.

You want more? Really? Well…

I have wanderlust; I called five countries on three continents home.

I switched majors five times in university…and still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.

I had nine jobs and four careers before I turned twenty-five.

I watch mainly cartoons because they have better story lines than sitcoms and reality shows. (Pinky and the Brain trumps American Idol any day!)

One day I want to be a full-time writer. Maybe. Still haven’t decided. I hear it doesn’t pay very well. Being a superhero, sans cape and tights and decoder ring, is still an option. (Pay sucks for superheroes, too, but I’d have cool toys!)

And I’m easily amused and dis– Ooh, shiny!

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